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There is no better communication tool for basketball coaches than a custom dry erase board. During pre-game you can review player matchups, keys to victory, or the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. At halftime, they can use it to show areas of improvement, new plays, or highlight places to trap on the court.

For all those times when you can’t physically go onto the court and run through drills or plays, a custom dry erase board can be an effective tool to give your team direction. Communicating important adjustments in a visual way can increase your chances of getting the message through. 

Basketball court board designs can be customized to match your specific gym floors, school logo and team colors. Choose half and full basketball courts, areas to list goals, depth chart, room to take notes, or add your team logo to center court.

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Basketball Dry Erase Board Features

Vibrant, sub-surface graphics

High-gloss surface eliminates ghosting and is guaranteed for 10 years!

All custom boards are fully magnetic

Full-aluminum frame with marker tray included

Cleans dry erase marker easily with water or glass cleaner; no special cleaners required

Mounting hardware included

Custom Designed Basketball Boards

At Team Fitz Graphics, we custom design basketball dry erase boards to suit each individual program. Our designers work with you to create a custom design. We can incorporate the custom colors of your school, team name, and logo to match your existing brand aesthetic.

We offer custom printed text and designs on all our whiteboard orders. Our designers create a mock-up of your coaching board and then submit a proof to you for revisions and approval. Once you give the thumbs up, we will move forward with the production of your custom board.

Communicate Better with a Basketball Whiteboard

Research points out that 65% of people are visual learners. Meaning they absorb information best when they see images and demonstrations. Basketball coaches that rely too heavily on lectures are missing out on one of the best ways to communicate with a big portion of their team.

Athletes are more likely to retain detailed information when they hear, see, and participate. A well-rounded approach to player communication should include multiple methods that reinforce each other. A basketball whiteboard is a great tool to help coaches accomplish this.


All Team Fitz Graphics dry erase boards carry a 10-year warranty against ghosting, fading, and defects in materials and workmanship. In addition to remaining bright white year after year, our high-gloss surface eliminates the staining and ghosting you see on other whiteboards. You won't have to worry about replacing your board because it has ghosted or faded—guaranteed!


Size Price
4' x 4' (Magnetic) $945
6' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,100
8' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,250
10' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,650
12' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,880

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do Teams Have Custom Boards?

Custom basketball dry erase boards are most commonly used as a communication tool between coaches and players. Our custom boards are reusable, and can quickly be updated when needed. Additionally they can be customized to include your team’s custom colors, logo, and even made to look like your actual court.

What Sizes Do Custom Boards Come In?

Our custom boards can come with many custom sizes. The most common sizes we offer are 4' x 4', 6' x 4', 8' x 4', 10' x 4', and 12' x 4' boards.

What Uses Do Custom Boards Have During Games And In The Locker Room?

On the sideline, boards can be helpful for creating plays with detailed information and then relaying that information quickly and from further away. In the locker room, our custom boards can be great for making and editing rosters, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and illustrating crucial halftime adjustments.

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