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Mesh fence banners are a perfect way to upgrade the look of chain-link fences at stadiums and athletic fields, festivals and concerts, construction sites, businesses, or any other location. They are lightweight, wind-permeable, and easy to install.

Mesh fence banners aren’t just for beautification. When it comes to outdoor advertising, nothing beats a mesh banner. Whether they are used to promote a brand, generate advertising dollars, or inform the crowd about an upcoming event, custom mesh fence banners are an excellent way to generate hype.

With flexible mesh material and endless design opportunities, a mesh banner can help build excitement around any brand or event. Team Fitz Graphics is ready to help promote your brand with an impactful banner design. Fill out the form on this page for a free custom proof and quote.

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Mesh Fence Banner Features

Vividly printed, full-color graphics available in custom sizes

Full-bleed printing for greater visual impact

Two mesh options to choose from depending on the level of wind at your facility

Sewn and reinforced seams with 2” webbing for maximum strength in the wind

Finished with grommets for easy installation

Add Branding or Advertising to Virtually Any Space

One of the best things about a vinyl mesh banner is its versatility. With custom size and print options, our custom mesh banners can add branding and advertising virtually anywhere. Here are some of the most common facilities that use mesh fence banners:

  • Sports Venues: From high school and collegiate games to professional sporting events, a customized mesh banner with your team’s logo is a great way to support your athletes and fans. For example, you can use custom fence wraps around an athletic field or stadium to enhance your brand, highlight championships, or improve ball visibility.
  • Schools: Custom mesh banners can help create a campus feel by amplifying your brand and visually connecting your facilities. Whatever design you have in mind, Team Fitz Graphics handles a wide range of custom orders from educational intuitions and can help you design the best mesh banners to represent your school.
  • Commercial Buildings: Turn the side of your building into a giant billboard or extend your brand across the fencing on your business property. The options are limitless for transforming your facilities into an advertising or promotional space using large format banners.
  • Construction Sites: Construction fence wraps are a great way to brand your company and promote the ongoing construction. Other valuable benefits include enhanced job site privacy, site beautification, wind protection, dust control, pedestrian safety, and crowd control. Also consider outdoor mesh windscreen for scaffolding.
  • Concerts and Festivals: Outdoor mesh banners are a great way to promote outdoor events such as concerts and festivals. Common uses include stage backdrops, crowd-control barrier banners, and to enclose spaces creating a more intimate atmosphere. There is even mesh banner material called speaker mesh that is specifically designed to be hung in front of speakers without disrupting the sound quality.

The list goes on! We custom design and size every mesh banner to fit your branding objectives. With durable mesh material and a high-resolution image, you’ll find eye-catching custom banners to fit virtually any space.

Benefits of Using Mesh Fence Windscreen

There are a host of reasons why custom mesh fence banners are a huge upgrade. From creating a professional feeling atmosphere to increasing advertising revenue, everyone can benefit from appealing fence graphics. Advantages of high-quality fence graphics from Team Fitz Graphics include:

  • Visual Appeal and Branding: Mesh fence banners have the power to instantly transform and upgrade the look of any fence and facility. Additionally, they can be a powerful vehicle for enhancing and showcasing your brand.
  • Advertising: Generate revenue from sponsors through the sale of advertising space. Our design experts can help your sponsors make a top-quality advertisement that helps attract new business.
  • Privacy: Despite being made from a semi-transparent mesh, windscreens help create a visual barrier along a fence line. This can be useful for anyone looking to block unsightly views at a construction site, help reduce distractions for athletes, or create a more intimate setting at a music venue.
  • Wind Protection: Mesh fence banners can help create a protective barrier from the wind. While they may not eliminate major gusts, outdoor mesh can help to break up crosswinds creating a more even flow of air within your facility.
  • Concealment: Mesh windscreens are a nice and clean way to block unsightly views. Perhaps you have an electrical box, dumpster, or other eyesore on your property that would benefit from concealment. Installing a custom mesh windscreen on the surrounding fence turns a visual liability into an asset.
  • Ease of Installation: Mesh fence banners can be installed quickly and easily. This means that you can create an impactful visual change at your facility with minimal effort.

Custom Designed for Your Facility

Many mesh fence screens are sold simply as a solid printed color. While this may offer some of the benefits of a windscreen, it is really a missed opportunity to emphasize your brand. Consider a custom design that showcases your logo, exact colors, and other brand elements. This customization can really set your facility apart with a professional look and feel that creates excitement. The full-time art department at Team Fitz Graphics has the experience and expertise to design outdoor mesh windscreens for your venue that will do just that.

When considering your banner design, we typically recommend keeping it simple. Select one main message and display it prominently in the design. This will help ensure your message is clearly received by your audience. This is especially important if the primary audience is just passing by such as street traffic.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Our sales and design experts will work with you to determine the appropriate size, finish, and design layout for your fence mesh. From small advertisements to massive facility-wide projects, we have the skill set to help you achieve your advertising and branding goals.

Advertising Fence Banner

Why Mesh Banners from Team Fitz Graphics?

Our custom mesh signs and banners come with several unique features that make them perfect for outdoor installations.

  • High-Resolution Printing with UV Resistant Ink. Our digital printing process provides vivid and bold colors printed in sharp detail. UV resistant ink helps ensure colors stay bright and fading is kept to a minimum even in direct sunlight. We can also print double sided mesh banners if your project calls for it.
  • They are Durable and Long Lasting. When properly installed these mesh banners are resistant to fraying, tearing, and fading, making them a worthwhile investment that is less prone to permanent damage.
  • They Hold Up Against the Wind. Mesh banners feature tiny perforations throughout the surface of the material. These small holes perforations allow wind to pass through nearly unobstructed, making it an excellent option for advertising in windy conditions. Unlike banners with wind slits, you don’t have to worry about mesh banners ripping and tearing.
  • They are Waterproof. Because these custom mesh banners are waterproof, they are perfect for a typical outdoor installation and for outdoor events. This also makes them resistant to mold and mildew.
  • They Weigh Less Than Solid Vinyl Banners. Since standard vinyl banners are solid, they weigh significantly more than a mesh banner. The lightweight design of a mesh banner creates less stress on facility fencing and other mounting structures.
  • There Are No Limits to Size. Because Team Fitz mesh banners are custom designed and constructed, we can fabricate them at any size. As a result you are not constrained to specific templates or by size limitations. The largest banners will be formed with multiple pieces of material welded together. These welded seams are barely noticeable and will not impact the quality of your design.

Custom Sizing Available with Premium Finishing Included

We can design and construct your mesh banner as large or as small as you need. Our high-end printing technology and fabrication capabilities allow us to produce high-quality mesh banners with an unmatched resolution at any size. Whether you need a small advertising banner or a massive stadium windscreen, we have the experience to execute the job.

In addition to offering custom sizes, we put a great emphasis on how our banners are constructed. Here is a snapshot of the premium materials and fabrication processes that go into our custom mesh banners.

Mesh Banner Material

Premium fence banners are made with a material commonly called mesh. Mesh is a woven material that is perforated throughout allowing wind to pass through the tiny holes. This is the most important difference between a quality mesh fence windscreen versus one that is made with a standard banner vinyl. Solid vinyl banners can act like a sail which puts unnecessary strain on fencing and ultimately will not hold up to wind and weather.

We offer a choice of two different mesh options. The price is the same regardless of which option you select. Our standard material is a 30% mesh, which allows 30% of the wind to flow through unobstructed. This is our most popular material and appropriate for most mesh fence banner projects.

We also have a 70% mesh option, which as the name suggests, allows 70% of the wind to pass without resistance. We typically recommend this material to customers that have particularly windy venues or who have had trouble with windscreen in the past. The only tradeoff on the 70% mesh is the print clarity is not quite as sharp due to the larger perforations.

Reinforced Webbing

For maximum durability, all Team Fitz Graphics’ mesh banners include 2” reinforced webbing. Reinforced webbing is a cross-stitched strap of nylon that is double sewn into the edges of the windscreen. The 2” width is significant because it is wider than what is offered by many companies. This extra width makes a big difference in the overall strength and longevity of a mesh banner. This webbing adds strength and helps to ensure the longest life in an outdoor environment.

Double-Sewn Hems

Team Fitz mesh banners use a heavy-duty hem that is stitched through the webbing. All perimeter edges and seams are folded, hemmed and double stitched. This double-sewn edging is the most effective finishing method for outdoor large format banners. Hemming helps to maintain the shape, add strength, and prevent stretching.


Grommets are one of the most popular finishing options for a mesh banner. Grommets are small metal rings or eyelets that are generally 3/4 inch in diameter and usually made with brass. Grommets offer a convenient method for securely attaching a windscreen to a fence or wall, typically using plastic zip-tie fasteners or bungee ball ties. It is important to securely attach a windscreen because loose and flapping sections will quickly be torn up by the wind and weather. For this reason, we install grommets approximately every two feet around the perimeter of the banner. This large number of tie-down points allows for a tight and professional installation.

Mesh Fence Screen Material

What is the Best Way to Measure for a Mesh Banner?

Start with the horizontal measurement. Measure the fence from tension bar to tension bar (just inside the vertical post). Do not include the end posts in your measurement. Windscreens should only cover the fence mesh. Measure any doors or gates in the same way.

Next, measure the height. The height should be measured from the bottom of the top rail to the top of the bottom rail. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to cover the full height. If you decide you would like the entire fence covered, we recommend reducing the total height by 6 inches. This will leave space at the bottom of the fence to allow mowers and trimmers to pass without harming your windscreen.

You will want to submit your measurements in feet and inches. Exact measurements are important, so don’t just guess. For best results, put together a rough sketch of your fence with the measurements included. This can help our design team fully understand the layout and provide you with the best design.

Tip to Reduce Cost

It is not always necessary to cover the full fence height. Often you can achieve a significant visual impact with a band of windscreen running along the middle or top half of a fence. A reduced size generally leads to a reduced overall price.

Custom Printed Mesh Banner Pricing

Just as our windscreens have custom sizes, the pricing is custom for every job. Providing accurate measurements is the first step to receiving accurate pricing. Once we have your measurements, our team can provide a custom quote and design for your mesh fence banner project.

Fill out the form on this page today to get the conversation started.

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