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At Team Fitz Graphics, we custom-design Team Banners to highlight both sports teams and individual accomplishments. The most common design is to highlight a group photo or showcase pictures of senior athletes. Other common designs include retired-jersey banners, team-roster banners and travel banners for display at away events. 

Simply let us know what team or accomplishment you would like to recognize, and our designers will create a custom banner design to honor it. Reach out today to speak with a Team Fitz sales rep for more information.

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Team Banner Features

Multiple banner material options available

Rectangular or pennant shapes available

Grommets included as standard finish (for hanging on walls)

Pole pockets available upon request (for hanging from rafters)

Custom Team Banners and Flags

At Team Fitz Graphics, we understand the pride you take in your sports team. That pride translates to commemorating your groups uniqueness with recognition graphics that are about your players, not generic or impersonal ones.

That's why we focus on creating a custom sports banner design that reflects your team and instills a sense of team pride. Our professional graphic designers carefully incorporate your school colors, team logo, team name, and information into an impactful design that will make you feel proud.

Team Photo Banners

Commemorate your athletes with quality team photo banners. Including all the teammates in one photo banner increases their sense of camaraderie. It's a fun tradition for many schools and colleges to display these graphics to honor alumni. These banners can be custom designed for any sport, but the most requested sports are basketball, football, baseball, and cheerleading. These team banners can be designed for any sport, but the most common banners we make include:

  • Basketball banners
  • Football banners
  • Soccer banners
  • Baseball banners
  • Softball banners
  • Cheerleading banners

Senior Banners

Celebrate your senior athletes with senior sports banners. Each of these products can be customized to include the senior’s name, number, sport, and any other information. The most popular design option includes individual photos of the senior athletes as well. Many customers display their senior banners all season in the gym then pass them out on senior night as a keepsake.

Team Travel Banners

Express your team pride and team spirit while on the road. This product is perfect for groups that travel to participate in tournaments, meets, and even away games.

Material Options

Poly Fabric Banners: Our premium poly fabric is our most popular banner material. These banners are finished with sewn edges and have a nice weight, which allows them to hang much like a classic felt banner. This material is best suited for indoor locations.

Vinyl Banners: Classic banner material at a cost-effective price. Because vinyl banners are digitally printed, they offer the ability to display photo-realistic images with vibrant colors and watermarked logos. Vinyl banners are great for both indoor and outdoor installations.

PVC and Aluminum Banners: This sign-style banner hangs flat and rigid. Can be cut to any shape. PVC is best suited for indoor applications whereas Aluminum performs great in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

Team Banner Ideas

Custom banners give your team the chance to showcase your creativity and unity. Here are some ideas for team sports banners:

  • Use your team's name and logo: This is a classic and effective way to design a sports team banner. You can either use the team's official logo or create your own.
  • Include a team photo: A photo of the team is a great way to add personality and excitement to a banner. You can either use a professional photo or a candid shot from a game.
  • Use team colors: The team's colors can be used to create a cohesive and eye-catching banner. You can use solid colors, stripes, or patterns.
  • Add a slogan or motto: A slogan or motto can help to boost team morale and spirit. It can also be a way to show the team's goals and values.
  • Get creative with the design: There are no rules when it comes to designing a sports team banner. You can use different fonts, shapes, and images.

Steps to Create Your Unique Team Banner

We have an easy ordering process, so you can get your team sports banner as fast as possible. Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose a banner size: Determine the size you need for your sports team banner. Common sizes are 3' x 5', 4' x 6', or 5' x 8', but it can vary depending on your needs.
  2. Decide on design content: Decide what content you would like in the layout of your custom sports banner. Include the team name, logo, player names, and any other necessary information.
  3. Upload your design or let us design for you: If you have a finished design, send it our way! Make sure to follow specifications and guidelines for file formats and resolution. If you'd like a little help our creative team can help guide you or design the project from scratch for no extra charge.
  4. Customize options: We offer a variety of customization options for team sports banners. Choose the material (vinyl, fabric, mesh, or a sign-style banner made with PVC or aluminum), finishing (grommets, pole pockets), and any other features you desire.
  5. Review and approve: Once you have made your design requests and customized the options, carefully review the digital proof we'll provide you with. Check for any errors or inconsistencies. Make sure the colors, fonts, and layout match your expectations before proceeding.
  6. Place the order: After you have reviewed and approved the design, go ahead and place your order by submitting a signed copy of the proof and quote. Payment can be accepted in the form of credit, check, or in many cases a purchase order.
  7. Wait for delivery: Once the order is complete, our team will get started on producing and shipping your sports team banner.

Pricing Information

Team Banners are completely custom. Pricing varies based on the material chosen, size, and quantity of banners. Fill out the contact form above for more information and a custom sports team banner proof and quote!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Size Are Team Sports Banners?

Team banners come in a variety of sizes, with the most common dimensions being 3' x 5', 4' x 6', and 4' x 8'. It's important to choose a size that suits the location and purpose of the banner, ensuring that it grabs attention and effectively conveys the desired message. Our sales representatives can help guide you to the right size banner for your project.

How Do You Hang These Banners?

Sports team banners are usually hung in one of two ways outlined below. Grommets are our standard and most requested finishing method, but pole pockets are available upon request at no additional cost.

  • Grommets: Grommets are metal eyelets placed in the border of a banner. Grommets are used to secure banners directly to a wall, typically using plastic anchors and screws.
  • Pole Pockets: A pole pocket is just as it sounds, a pocket or sleeve to slide a pole through. Pole pockets are most commonly placed in the top and bottom of a banner. This allows the banner to be hung from rafters suspended from the top pole and weighted by the bottom pole.

What is a Senior Banner?

A senior banner is a decorative display that is typically used to celebrate and honor high school seniors. It is usually customized with the senior's name, graduation year, and possibly their photo. Senior banners are often hung on lamp posts, in school hallways, and on gym walls as a way to recognize and commemorate the achievements of graduating seniors.

Die-Cut Championship Signs

Die-Cut Championship Signs

Team Fitz Graphics can make die-cut championship signs into any shape, including the shape of any state, a banner, trophy, or anything else. These custom size and shape signs are a great way to display your state championship or runner-up achievements.

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Laid-Vinyl Record Boards

Laid-Vinyl Record Boards

The Laid-Vinyl record board is a professional-looking record board at a reasonable cost. New records are placed right over the old ones, using easy-to-apply adhesive-backed record strips. Best suited for outdoor applications. Ideal for a typical viewing distance of 25' or less.

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Windscreen Banners

Windscreen Banners

Custom windscreen banners are a cost-effective way to make a dramatic impact at your stadium, outfield fencing, tennis courts or other outdoor athletic facilities.

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