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Organize and professionalize the look of your locker room with custom locker nameplates from Team Fitz. These sports locker tags will give your locker room a pro look, help maintain organization and promote team pride. Choose between locker magnets, decals or slide-in nameplates.

We offer custom locker nameplate designs for any sport. Give us a call today to speak with one of our sales reps. We would be happy to create a unique design for your team.

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Three nameplate options to choose from including slide-in, magnet, and decal

Personalized for each team and athlete

Custom sizes available


Slide-In Nameplates with Metal Brackets: These slide-in nameplates with metal mounting bracket are our coaches top choice. They are a favorite of high school and university coaches alike due to their simplicity. You only need to purchase the brackets once and then the slide-in locker nameplates can be easily updated each season.

Magnetic Locker Nameplates: There isn’t an easier option for coaches than magnetic locker nameplates. Perfect for any metal lockers!

Locker Decal Tags: These decal locker name tags are an economical choice for coaches that have a tight budget to consider. Even on a budget, they look great and are removable at the end of the season.

Locker Nameplate Pricing

15 nameplates minimum. Each nameplate is 10" x 3".

Style Price
Slide-in with metal bracket $20
Slide-in replacement only $12
Magnet $9
Decal $8

Additional sizes available


The Locker Room Graphics Handbook