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Installing high-quality stadium graphics and branding showcases your school pride and draws attention to your facility and sports stadium. Custom-designed banners, murals, exterior signage, and other graphics broadcast your team colors, mascot, and logo to everyone who enters your venue. More than just decorative displays, these graphics also provide essential wayfinding markers for visitors and recognize significant athletic achievements, honoring the hard work of coaches and players.

With so many options—from championship vinyl banners to inspirational locker room signage to eye-catching donor recognition boards—you will surely find unique graphical elements to elevate your brand. Team Fitz Graphics can transform your stadium into a spirited environment that celebrates your past, excites fans, and leaves a lasting impression.

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Stadium graphics are custom designed to fit your needs exactly

Durable and long-lasting materials and construction methods

Wide variety of custom options to fit any budget

Products designed for easy set up and installation

What are Stadium Graphics?

Stadium graphics are a cost-effective way to transform the look of your sports facility by displaying branding and team history, creating fan engagement, and showcasing advertisements on a grand scale. Team Fitz Graphics works with you to integrate your vision into your dream sports stadium. Common graphics used to enhance your stadium include:

  • Stadium Graphics and Wall Murals: These graphics are installed on interior and exterior walls and surfaces throughout a stadium to boldly display team/school colors, logos, mascots, and other branding elements.
  • Site Identification and Wayfinding Signage: These elements are positioned around the stadium to identify the name of the site and direct fans to their seats, concessions, restrooms, exits, and other important locations. Interior signage in sports facilities is crucial for directing fans and enhancing experience.
  • Bleacher Graphics: These graphics refer to banners and signage placed on the front facades of bleachers and seating areas inside a stadium, which show off branding, advertisements, inspirational messages, and more.
  • Stadium Banners and Pole Banners: Banners are hung on poles and walls inside and outside the stadium. Pole banners are vertical banners mounted on light poles in parking lots, and concourses. Stadium banners can feature custom graphics commemorating championship seasons, highlighting star players, and celebrating other athletic awards.
  • Window Graphics: These graphics are decals and signage applied to glass surfaces such as windows, doors, partitions, and storefronts for aesthetic and functional purposes.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Floor Decals: Decals are applied to floor areas as a way to add visual branding, messaging, and wayfinding in sports facilities. Strategically designed and located, these graphic floor elements excite and direct audiences.

Uses for Custom Stadium Graphics, Wall Murals & Banners

Athletic facilities use signs to show team spirit, promote safety, and help visitors navigate the stadium and arena. Some common ways that high schools, colleges, and universities use stadium graphics include: 

  • Marketing and Beautification: Stadium graphics are a great way to enhance the look of your stadium, strengthen your brand, and showcase school spirit by displaying your logo, name, and team colors. For example, football stadium graphics displaying team championship wins creates an exciting and lively atmosphere.
  • Site Identification and Wayfinding: There is a great opportunity to add branded and functional signage to help people navigate your facility. These signs can be used to designate entrances and exits, concessions, locker rooms, restrooms, seating areas, first aid, and other amenities, effectively improving circulation and minimizing confusion.
  • Recognition: Promote outstanding athletes, great coaches, championship wins, or other important victories. A row of championship banners or an oversized mural highlighting a star athlete is a great way to show visitors what happens at your stadium and spotlight big victories. And don’t forget to recognize important program sponsors to show appreciation for their support.

Why Choose Team Fitz Graphics for Custom Stadium Graphics?

At Team Fitz Graphics, we understand the hard work and commitment that goes into building a successful athletic program. We know the dedication behind each practice, game, and championship run. That's why our mission is to recognize and honor the achievements of players, coaches, and teams through vivid, impactful stadium graphics and signage. We take pride in our creative process, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering products and services that exceed expectations.

Our in-house graphics team grew up immersed in sports—we know what it means to give your all for teammates, coaches, family, and community. We pour the same passion into creating custom murals, banners, signage, and branding packages tailored for your stadium. Your content, logo, and colors will be thoughtfully included in eye-catching designs, ensuring your brand is maintained. We believe excellence deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

To read positive feedback from our satisfied clients, check out our testimonial page. When you're ready to get started, fill out the form on this page today to speak with a sales representative. They will provide you with a custom quote that will help create a cohesive branded experience for your facility.

Student Entrance Banner at a Sports Stadium


Stadium graphics and branding products are completely custom. Pricing varies based on the material chosen, size, and overall scope of the project. Fill out the form on this page to get the conversation started. Our sales reps can provide more information and a free design mock-up and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Stadium Branding?

Stadium branding refers to the visual elements and graphics used to establish the identity, style, and image of a sports stadium or arena. Stadium branding strategies can include logos, murals, wayfinding signage, and more.

What Stadium Graphics Options Work Within a Budget?

Signage, decals, banners, and wall graphics come in a range of price points and sizes. Prioritize high-visibility areas and graphic elements that provide the most impact and allow you to maximize your investment. For example, focus first on large exterior-facing banners or murals and key interior signage at main entrances, concessions, and seating rather than spreading your budget too thin on graphics throughout the entire facility. This allows you to strategically use graphics where they will be seen by the most people. You can then add secondary graphics in additional zones over time as your budget allows.

How Can We Display Our School Branding and Colors?

You can display your school branding and colors prominently throughout the stadium with large format vinyl banners on exterior fences and walls, pole banners around parking lots and walkways, vibrant graphics and murals inside the venue, and floor decals in lobbies and concourses to immerse visitors in your unique identity.

Are the Stadium Graphics Designed for Me?

Yes, our talented graphic designers work directly with you to create fully customized stadium graphics tailored to your school's specific brand, colors, mascot, achievements, and overall identity. We don't use templates—your banners, signage, murals, and displays will showcase what makes your program special.

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