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Tennis court windscreens can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your tennis courts. A bold custom design that features your team logo and colors offers your courts a professional feel. This both reinforces your brand while also setting the tone for when competitors arrive at your facilities.

In addition to appearance, tennis court windscreens also offer a host of benefits such as increasing ball visibility, reducing crosswind to deliver optimal airflow, providing shade, and blocking unwanted visual distractions.

Reach out today to find out more about how windscreen mesh can be a cost-effective way to elevate the look of your courts. One of our reps would be happy to answer questions and provide you with a free design mockup and quote.

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Vividly printed, full-color graphics

Full-bleed printing allows for greater visual impact (not limited to printing in bands or sections)

Two mesh materials to choose from depending on the level of wind at your tennis courts

Sewn and reinforced hems with webbing for maximum strength and long-lasting quality

Finished with grommets for easy installation

Block Unwanted Distractions

Tennis is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Deep levels of concentration become more challenging when athletes have to contend with distractions outside the court fencing. Tennis court windscreens can block out unwanted disturbances, allowing athletes to perform their best.

Windscreens also improve visibility for athletes. A clean visual backdrop gives players more visual acuity. The tennis ball stands out when it contrasts with a solid field of dark color. The fence screen improves athletes’ chances on the court, by helping them keep their eyes on the ball.

Instill Professionalism

Increasing privacy is one of the biggest reasons people install windscreens at their tennis courts, but it should not be the only one. The inclusion of windscreen graphics instills an air of professionalism to your tennis courts. This instant upgrade offers a huge bang for the buck while transforming a bland chain link fence.

You have full control over the final look and feel of your windscreens. Every tennis windscreen project is custom designed for your facility. The graphic designers at Team Fitz Graphics will combine your team logo and colors into an attractive design. The results will give your tennis courts a professional look.

Custom Windscreen Materials

High-quality windscreens are made using a material called mesh. This perforated woven material allows wind to pass through easily. This is the most important differences between a high-end windscreen versus a typical vinyl banner that catches wind like a sail.

Team Fitz offers a choice of two mesh options. The price is the same, it is really just a matter of what works best for your courts. Our standard material is a 30% mesh, which allows 30% of the wind to flow through. This is our most popular material and appropriate for most projects.

We also offer a 70% mesh option, which allows 70% of the wind to pass through. We typically recommend this material for particularly windy courts that have had trouble with windscreen in the past. The only tradeoff on the 70% mesh is the print clarity is not quite as sharp due to the larger perforations.

Team Fitz windscreens are finished with a reinforced 2” webbing, heavy-duty hems, and grommets along every side for maximum durability.

Mesh Fence Screen Material


Tennis windscreens are custom designed and sized for the chain link fences on which they are installed. Pricing varies based on the overall scope of the project. Fill out the form above for more information and a custom proof and quote!

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