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Go beyond the drab brick walls, standard bleachers, and uninspired look found in most gymnasiums throughout the country. Help your athletic facility stand out with impactful gym graphics that grab attention.

Team Fitz Graphics offers a variety of products that are designed specifically to transform a blah gym into something that cultivates school pride among athletes and fans. From oversized wall murals to championship banners to retired jersey signs, we’ve got what you need to add vivid color, emotion, and recognition of your athletic history to your school gym.

Our in-house creative team specializes in design for the athletic industry. We have the experience and expertise to offer an outstanding new look for your facility.

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Gym Graphics Features

Gym graphics are custom designed to fit your needs exactly

Durable and long-lasting materials and construction methods

Wide variety of custom options to fit any budget

Products designed for easy set up and installation

Amp Up Your Gym with Custom Graphics

Give your players and fans an amplified gymnasium with custom graphics that suit your team and facility. Our team focuses on making each graphic display the spirit of your school. Our talented designers can incorporate your school colors, mascot, and other brand elements to create professional and truly unique graphics to honor your program.

Why Choose Team Fitz Graphics for Your Custom Graphics?

Our professional sales staff will take the time to explain the options available and the experience to make solid recommendations. Our design department has the skills and talent to execute your vision and illustrate new creative possibilities. Our production department excels at converting those illustrations into well-crafted and visually stunning products, including locker room graphics, floor decals, bleacher graphics, wall logos, or window graphics. We put our years of experience to work to transform your gym into a place that makes you proud.


Due to the varied nature of gym graphics & athletic signs are completely custom. Pricing varies based on the material chosen, size, and quantity of banners. Fill out the form on this page now for more information and a free design mock-up and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Gym Graphics?

Gym graphics refer to visual content and designs that are used in university and high school gyms. It can also refer to graphics used in fitness centers, gyms, or health clubs. These can include signage, posters, vinyl banners, digital displays, logos, and other types of visual communication materials that are used to promote the gym, highlight services, provide motivational messages, or offer instructional guides. Custom graphics are often tailored to the school or gym's brand and can enhance the overall ambiance and experience for its fans, students, or members.

Do Custom Graphics Really Make That Big a Difference?

Yes! Custom graphics can make a major difference in the overall atmosphere and branding of a gym. By incorporating custom graphics, you can create a unique and dynamic space that reflects your gym's identity and motivates athletes. These graphics can include inspiring quotes, vibrant artwork, informative signage, and branding elements. They not only enhance the aesthetics of the gym but also contribute to a positive experience by creating an engaging and visually appealing environment. Additionally, custom graphics can help differentiate your gym and leave a lasting impression on athletes and fans.

How Are Custom Graphics Made?

Custom graphics are typically made using a combination of graphic design software and printing techniques. The process usually involves the following steps:

  1. Conceptualization: The first step is to come up with a design concept for the your custom graphics. This may involve brainstorming ideas and gathering inspiration from other sources.
  2. Graphic Design: Once the concept is finalized, graphic designers use software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the visual elements of the graphics. This may include logos, images, text, and other design elements. Team Fitz has a talented in-house design team ready to create your vision.
  3. Layout and Composition: The designers then work on arranging the various elements in an appealing and cohesive way. They consider factors such as spacing, color schemes, and typography to create an aesthetically pleasing design.
  4. Printing Method: After the design is complete, the graphics can be printed using different techniques. Common methods include digital printing, screen printing, or large-format printing. The choice of printing method depends on factors such as the size, material, and intended use of the graphics.
  5. Installation: Once the graphics are printed, they are installed. Nearly all Team Fitz products are designed to be easily installed by a school or businesses internal maintenance department. Our sales staff is available to support installation with detailed instructions and advice to ensure a smooth process.

Championship Banners

Championship Banners

These banners are a great way to showcase team and individual athlete accomplishments. Championship banners are perfect for displaying high-ranking honors such as a state championship or a victory from a star performer.

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Add-A-Year Championship Banners

Add-A-Year Championship Banners

Add-a-Year Banners are perfect for displaying multiple years on a single banner. These easy-to-update banners can be customized to fit any accomplishment. Updates for these banners are FREE until your banner is full.

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Large Format Wall Graphics

Large Format Wall Graphics

Amplify your facility with professional, custom wall graphics. These oversized athletic graphics will make a huge impression in your locker room or other athletic facilities. Our facility sign products help add a professional look to your locker room, athletic hallway, lobby or outdoor facilities.

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