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Batter’s eye is the visual backdrop directly behind the pitcher. With a bright baseball or softball, this fence space should have a dark surface. Give your athletes every advantage possible and set your ballpark apart from your rivals with a custom baseball windscreen with batter’s eye.

The graphic designers at Team Fitz Graphics can custom design a batter’s eye windscreen for your stadium. Custom design typically includes 50 – 80 feet of uncluttered space in the center field. Outside this space, you can include your team colors, school logo, specific text, or any other branding element you desire.

Reach out today to find out more about how a batter’s eye windscreen can improve safety and performance at your ballpark. Our reps would be happy to answer questions and provide a free design and quote.

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Features of Batter’s Eye Screen

Vividly printed, full-color graphics

Full bleed printing allows for greater visual impact

Two mesh options to choose from depending on the level of wind at your ballpark

Hemmed and reinforced edges with 2” webbing for maximum strength

Finished with grommets for easy installation

Advantages of a Batter’s Eye Screen

We understand the need for a well-designed screen to improve safety and playing performance. Our custom manufacturing process makes it possible, let us design an effective batters' eye screen that meets your stadium's size specifications so batters can reap the following advantages:

  • Increased Safety: Batters can focus on the pitched ball without it blending into a multi-colored background. An uncluttered background reduces their risk of getting hit.
  • Better Hitting Ability: The batter’s eye is in the direct line of sight of the batter’s view as they wait for a pitch. Batter’s eyes mitigate the vision problems created by a busy field of vision. The batter can concentrate on hitting the ball with accuracy and power instead of straining their eyes to find the ball. 
  • Wind Protection: Increases in-field accuracy by breaking up some cross breezes and small gusts that have the potential to affect ball travel. All players benefit from less wind.

Sharply Contrasted Batter’s Backdrop Screen

At Team Fitz Graphics, functionality is our primary concern. Our designers work with you to create a screen that makes baseballs easily visible to batters. We typically recommend a sharply contrasted batter’s eye in a dark color such as black, navy, or dark green.

Many customers choose to expand their windscreen beyond the batter’s eye across their entire outfield fence. This creates an opportunity to create a professional level design that incorporates your school colors, team logo, and elements to support the brand of your school. Some coaches elect to incorporate outfield distance markers into the windscreen design.

Our experienced professional design team is ready to bring this to life at your baseball stadium.

Center Field Screen Materials

Center field batter’s eye screens are placed on the center field fence or wall of a stadium. It’s a screen with a dark surface in line with center field where the baseball batter’s eye is waiting for the pitch.

Unlike vinyl banners that catch wind like a sail, our custom windscreens are made with a mesh material. Mesh is a woven material that is perforated throughout, allowing wind to pass through. We offer two different mesh options:

30% Mesh: This classic mesh option allows 30% of the wind to flow through unobstructed. This is our most popular material and appropriate for most projects.

70% Mesh
: As the name suggests, this option allows 70% of the wind to pass without resistance. These custom windscreens are great for windy stadiums. The only tradeoff with 70% mesh is the print clarity is not quite as sharp due to the larger perforations.

All of our professionally engineered windscreens are finished with reinforced webbing, heavy-duty hems, and grommets around the entire perimeter for maximum durability in an outdoor setting.

Mesh Fence Screen Material


Batter’s eye outfield windscreens are custom designed and sized for the specific fencing where they’re installed. Pricing varies based on the overall scope of the project. Give us a call or fill out the contact form above for more information and a custom proof and quote!

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