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Custom Sized Dry Erase Whiteboards

Dry erase whiteboards are now a standard teaching tool in schools and sports locker rooms. Teachers and Administrators love the ability to plan lessons, stay organized or present new ideas to students. Coaches and athletic directors enjoy the versatility that dry erase boards bring to the court or in the locker room, allowing them to draw out various plays or demonstrate a new technique.

Take your classroom or sports locker room to the next level with a custom dry erase whiteboard from Team Fitz Graphics. Teachers and Coaches alike will appreciate the improved communication a custom whiteboard provides between educator and students.

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Custom Dry Erase Board Features

Vibrant, sub-surface graphics

All boards are custom sized for your needs

High gloss writing surface eliminates ghosting and guaranteed for 10 years

Mounting hardware included

Cleans easily with water or glass cleaner; no special cleaners required

Full-aluminum frame with marker tray included

Custom Designed Whiteboard

Team Fitz employs a team of in-house graphic designers who specialize in creating art for the world of athletics and education. By understanding the needs of coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators they excel in developing impactful design concepts. Whether you are interested in maintaining a current style or pushing boundaries with a new look, we’ve got you covered.

Our designers work with you to create custom printed dry erase boards. We can incorporate your school’s unique color scheme and logo to match your existing brand. Our designers create a mock-up of your custom dry erase board, so you know what the final order will look like in advance. Once you greenlight the design, we move forward with the custom printing.

Benefits of Custom Dry Erase Boards

The most common questions we get from new customers are about the quality of our marker boards. We’ve all had the experience of purchasing a product that turns out to be less than promised. This can be a disappointing and sometimes costly experience. Like all Team Fitz products, great attention to detail is given to the manufacturing process of our custom markerboards.

Quality Materials & Process

It all starts with our photographic imaging process. Using sublimation technology, your custom designs become an embedded part of the board. This not only makes the surface smooth as glass, but it also makes every inch writable. All Team Fitz white boards feature a high-gloss dry erase coating that ensures your board will remain brilliantly white, guaranteed. Finally, our boards are wrapped with a durable aluminum frame and finished with an accessory tray.

10-Year Guarantee

All Team Fitz Graphics custom dry erase boards carry a 10-year warranty against ghosting, fading and defects in materials and workmanship. In addition to remaining bright white year after year, our high-gloss surface eliminates the staining and ghosting you see on other dry erase surfaces. You won't have to worry about replacing your custom whiteboard because it has ghosted or faded—guaranteed!

Easy to Clean

Care and maintenance of these custom printed dry erase boards is easy. These boards require no special cleaners or solutions as their high gloss surface can be cleaned with just water or mild glass cleaners. This makes drawing up a new play, updating your records, or setting a new schedule even easier.

Made in the USA

Every Team Fitz Graphics dry erase board is manufactured in The United States. We take great pride in our Cincinnati roots, and we want that commitment to our roots to shine through the quality of every product we carry and the customer service that we provide.

Dry Erase Board Options Available

Every Team Fitz dry erase board is custom designed following a collaborative conversation with our customer. Below are the most-requested dry erase board styles:

  • Branded Dry Erase Board – Branded dry erase boards incorporate a school or team logo and colors, easily dressing up a plain whiteboard. Small pops of color can go a long way toward improving the look of your facilities.
  • Weight Room Record Board – Customized to track any strength or fitness goals you’ve set for your team. Great motivator of friendly competition in the weight room.
  • Field & Court Board – Improve communication between coaches and athletes by allowing coaches to quickly illustrate their point. Custom designed for any sport.
  • Calendar Dry Erase Board – Keep track of practice schedules, games, and school and administrative events.
  • Mobile Dry Erase Board – Any dry erase board can be made mobile. These portable, double-sided dry erase boards can easily be rolled from place to place—from the locker room to the court.


Size Price
4' x 4' (Magnetic) $825
6' x 4' (Magnetic) $975
8' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,095
10' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,445
12' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,675

What Size Whiteboard Do You Need?

The size of dry erase board needed will depend on the intended use and location. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing the size whiteboard you may need.

  • Consider How the Whiteboard Will be Used
    • If you need a dry erase board for a classroom, office, or locker room, choose a heavy duty whiteboard that can be hung on the wall. If wall space is limited or you need additional flexibility, consider a mobile option that can be simply rolled from the locker room to courtside.
  • Decide What You Would Like Your Custom Whiteboard To Look Like 
    • Team Fitz graphics can incorporate your school's color scheme and logo to match your branding aesthetic, or create custom whiteboards that are printed with field or court outlines, calendar, schedule, goal-tracking grid or your own unique design.
  • Measure the Space Needed for the Whiteboard
    • Measure the space you plan to use your dry erase board and calculate the size you need. To estimate the size needed, measure your board space using outside dimensions, making sure to include the frame, edge to edge. Dry erase boards come in a variety of custom sizes so you should be able to find the size that best suits your space.

Contact Us for Your Custom Size Dry Erase Board

Looking for custom size dry erase boards? Team Fitz Graphics has supplied customers across the country with high-quality, custom-printed whiteboards for more than a decade. Customers receive the same affordable pricing and friendly service regardless of the size of the order. Please contact us to get a proof or price quote today.

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