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Display your basketball program's ambitions on a customized goal board. Designed just for basketball, these motivational boards outline your season targets in the locker room for all to see. We tailor each design to reflect your coaching vision—from boosting free throw percentage to reaching the finals. With vivid graphics highlighting team and individual accomplishments, our goal boards allow coaches to easily recognize and honor the hard work behind each practice, game, and potential championship—making it one of the most effective coaching tools.

Custom peel-and-stick clings can be updated regularly as your team's targets and schedule change. Mark achievements easily on the board to track progress when goals are met.

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Customized to reflect the goals you’ve set for your basketball team

Can be easily updated as goals and schedules change

High-gloss surface eliminates ghosting and is guaranteed for 10 years!

Vibrant sub-surface graphics

All boards are fully magnetic

Full-aluminum frame with marker tray included

Reusable static cling or magnetic goal markers


All Team Fitz Graphics dry erase boards carry a 10-year warranty against ghosting, fading, and defects in materials and workmanship. In addition to remaining bright white year after year, our high-gloss surface eliminates the staining and ghosting you see on other whiteboards. You won't have to worry about replacing your board because it has ghosted or faded—guaranteed! We stand behind the durability and quality of our dry erase boards.

With proper care, your Team Fitz Graphics whiteboard will maintain its vibrant white surface and flawless erasability for over a decade of daily use. You can trust that our boards will withstand the wear and tear of your athletic facility.

Custom-Designed for Your Basketball Program

We pride ourselves on offering custom goal boards tailored to each basketball program's unique requirements, standards, and traditions. Our team at Team Fitz Graphics works closely with you to ensure the final product matches your specific basketball program needs rather than utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach, guaranteeing our goal boards are the best on the market.

We understand the details needed to create the perfect goal board that can be not only easily updated over the season but also seamlessly fit among your existing locker room displays, complementing your facility's aesthetics. With expertise in custom designs and implementing your creative inputs, we deliver basketball goal boards that reflect the individuality of your program.

Basketball Goal Board Benefits

Encourage your basketball team to accomplish their ambitious season goals with a custom locker room goal board. Highlighting your program's vision provides key advantages:

  • Displays short and long-term goals set by coaches, from rebounds to championships.
  • Visually tracks smaller achievements, like assists and steals, that build toward big wins.
  • Recognizes hard work and success with tangible tracking.
  • Keeps seasonal and championship goals front and center.
  • Fuels player development and motivation as accomplishments mount.

Basketball Goal Board Pricing

Size Price
4' x 4' (Magnetic) $990
6' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,145
8' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,295
10' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,695
12' x 4' (Magnetic) $1,925

Replacement cling set is only $35 per order.


If you're considering investing in a durable, design-focused basketball goal board that maintains its motivational appeal over the season, fill out the form above for a free design proof and quote.

Our experts will guide you through choosing the right options for design, size, color, and text to fit your basketball program. We believe in transparency and provide all relevant details to help you make informed decisions on your custom goal board. All all levels of play, our goal boards showcase your basketball program's excellence all season long.

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