Record Boards

Main Page Button - Slide In Record Boards SLIDE-IN RECORD BOARD
Records simply slide in and out
Main Page Button - Laid Vinyl Record Board LAID-VINYL RECORD BOARD
New record decals placed right over the top
Main Page Button - Natatorium Record BoardsNATATORIUM RECORD BOARD
Built for the hot and humid pool environment
Main Page Button - Weight Room Record BoardSTRENGTH RECORD BOARD
Dry erase allows for instant record updates
Main Page Button - Velcro Panel Record Boards
Oversized record board is perfect for gym

Custom Sports Record Boards

Several options to choose from including indoor, outdoor and large-format record boards Whether you are looking to motivate your team, recognize or accomplishments of past and present athletes, Team Fitz has a team record board that is right for you. These durable and functional boards are fully customized to the needs of your team and lend a professional look to your gym and other athletic facilities.

Slide-in Record Board (indoor only):
Our premium and best-selling record board. Updates are extremely easy. Custom record strips simply slide in and out of slots behind a layer of crystal-clear acrylic.

Laid-vinyl Record Board (outdoor / indoor):
Built with the rigors of the outdoors in mind. Updates are simple. Vinyl record strips are applied to the surface of the aluminum or PVC board much like a decal; right over top of the old record.

Natatorium Record Board:
Built to thrive in the hot and humid pool environment. These large format boards range in size from 12’ x 8’ to 25’ x 10’ and even larger! The easy-to-switch record panels utilize an industrial-grade velcro panels for fast updating.

Strength Record Boards:
Customized to include any lift, exercise or strength test. These high quality dry erase record boards can be easily updated the moment a record is broken.

Velcro-Panel Record Board (indoor / outdoor):
These high-impact, large-format record boards range in size from 8’ x 8’ to 15’ x 10’ and larger! Indoor and all-weather outdoor options available.

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